Thursday 30th NOVEMBER, 2017 at 7.30p.m.


Present:  Andrew Kirk (Chairman), John Bruce (Councillor), David Ritchie, George Dyer, Kate Adamson (Secretary), Robert McInnes and Alice Buttress.

In attendance:  Iain Campbell, Mairi Brown, Liz Bishop, Lorraine Anderson, Martyn O’Reilly, Liz Henderson (National Park), Denise Stott and Heather Davidson (Minutes).

Apologies:  Bill Lobban, Alan Rankin, Charlie Miller and Maria Thompson-Slaven.

MINUTES:  Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday, 26th October, 2017 were approved by Robert McInnes and seconded by Alice Buttress.




Mairi Brown announced that £40,000 has been raised for the upgrade of the play park with more to come –perhaps to a total of 45K . John McLean has been in contact with suppliers and a decision will be made and installation will commence after Easter.  A discussion followed regarding the choices of bases, i.e. matting or bark.   David Ritchie added that the matting at the gate had been down for four years.   As Highland Council is buying the equipment we will save on VAT meaning that an extra 20% can be spent .   George Dyer was concerned that one of  the grants, previously awarded would run out, but this is not the case.   Robert McInnes reported that the burn is flowing well but the field was still waterlogged in places.   David Ritchie feels that this is as good as it will ever be.  Andrew Kirk wants to persuade Highlife Highland /THC to work with CCC to resolve the drainage and asked John Bruce to emphasize this to Bill Lobban.   Robert McInnes is concerned that the goal mouth on the playing field has not been done as yet.   Andrew Kirk complimented all concerned regarding the amount of work that has gone into the monies raised.


John Bruce reported that all decisions regarding flashing mph signs and road markings, including 40mph from Lochanhully has been held over until the New Year, as many other villages are having the same problem.   Denise Stott is not happy with this matter trundling along.   She went on to say that this has been a problem since 2008 and is getting worse, vehicles coming from Inverness to Grantown-on-Spey put their foot down and speed out of the village, she also felt that other villages are not on a main road and she would like a progress report.   John Bruce would prefer more expensive signage i.e. flashing signs giving actual mph.   Denise Stott also stated that ‘speeding’ Haulage Companies had been written to previously and that her group want to do this again along with the primary school ‘don’t speed ‘ poster. Andrew Kirk commented that the posters previously displayed were excellent, Lorraine Anderson and Denise Stott are to contact the Haulage Companies again, but Andrew Kirk wants the Community Council to view the letter before sending.


George Dyer explained that there were 5 quotes sent in but some were incomplete and 3 have been eliminated.   There are 2 other firms sending in quotes.


Should anyone know someone 65 years of age or over who have not received an invitation please inform a member of the Community Council.   Denise Stott mentioned that her husband was over 65.   The Primary school is once again providing the entertainment.


Community Councillors and all residents can  attend a drop in day on 1st December 2017 in the Village Hall and see the plans regarding the junctions at Blackmount and Granish. Andrew Kirk  also wants to find out more about the NMU route. A small initial group has formed to discuss again a track from Carrbridge to Loch Va. The  National Park should be leading on this . Such a route would be great for tourism and connecting locals with Boat and Aviemore. The CC are disappointed that the CNPA are not being more helpful here. 


Due to the Treasurer not being at the meeting the report will be given later.

(balance as at 30th November was £10,043.62)


Kate Adamson reported that there had been  planning applications but nothing controversial. 1. A house behind Highlanders and 2. Temporary toilets at Landmark.  There is to be a meeting on 24th January 2018 with the Housing Department of Highland Council, the Community Council and National Park.  In the evening of 24th January 2018 there will be a meeting of the MIR Board,  Liz Henderson (National Park explained that the 2020 plan was launched last Friday 24th October 2017, copies are available on line and advised the meeting to look at maps and issues and how to tackle them.   The meeting commences at 6.00p.m.

A meeting on 30th January 2018 is to be held at the Hub in Aviemore at 6.00p.m.  This is a drop in meeting and then further discussions round the table will follow.   This is an opportunity to see what is proposed before going to the Scottish Government.   Object now; do not leave any concerns until the next consultation.

Housing Site Opposite Landmark on Main Road, Carrbridge

Statement of Alterations to Design

  • See separate appendage regarding the building of houses behind Crannich Park.


Lara Campbell has asked for £300.00 for Childrens Party which is the usual donation, this was agreed.


Robert McInnes reported on the Ceremony which was well attended.   Rev. Donald Walker held the service and wreaths were laid by:-

                     Robert McInnes on behalf of Carrbridge Community Council

                     Karen Archer on behalf of the local Fire Service

                     Gus Carnegie on behalf of the Church of Scotland

                     Kyle Powell played the Bagpipes.

Robert McInnes went on to state that several people mentioned the pristine condition of the War Memorial and the upgraded path (much improved).   There was a request if the sign-post could be positioned at the entrance with directions to the village and Station Road, also could the path from Fairwinds area be upgraded.  

It was agreed to ask Douglas Edwards to make these signs, Robert McInnes to take this matter forward.   David Ritchie asked if some of the trees could be cut down, but Highland Council have been asked many times to do this, but to no avail.

Alice Buttress was surprised that the yellow lines proposed for the village have not been done yet, Andrew Kirk explained that this was apparently due to weather.  

There was a general discussion regarding the trimming of the snowberries on Station Road with a feeling that it was hardly noticeable

Mairi Brown was pleased to announce that the sales of the Carrbridge Jigsaw have helped greatly raising funds for the play area and thanked David Ritchie for his financial support with this.

Iain Campbell reported that the stone cladding round the kitchen extension at the Village Hall is going up; when this is finished the whole job will be completed.

Martin O’Reilly gave an up date on the Porridge Competition.   He also was pleased to say that the repair to his Station Road drainage had been a success.

Denise Stott appreciates all that the Community Council has done and is trying to do regarding the speeding problem.

The meeting closed at 8.37p.m.                                               Date of next meeting 25th January 2018             




Thursday 26th October 2017 at 7.30pm


Present: A Kirk (Chair), B Lobban (Cllr), R McInnes, A Rankin, C Miller, A Buttress, D Ritchie, G Dyer (Minutes).

In Attendance: I Campbell, D Stott, M Brown, M O’Reilly, M Thomson-Slaven, L Anderson, C Watt, J Rice, J Thomson-Slaven.

Apologies: K Adamson, H Davidson.

Minutes of Previous Meeting: Minutes of 28th Sept Approved (A Buttress/A Rankin)

Matters Arising: Playing Field – M Brown reported that £38K had been raised/promised, with Tesco community funding to run November/December. A list of equipment wishes was with THC (J McLean), who was in conversations with suppliers. Still drainage concerns after ditch clearing – B Lobban to check what can be done. B Lobban also to check on car park resurfacing. (Note: work completed on car park 28th Oct).

Speeding – A Kirk reported that THC has offered to take steps to alleviate speeding on north and east approaches to village. D Stott felt that more should be done to cut down speeding and dangerous overtaking. She suggested chicanes and a 40mph restriction from Lochanhully as a minimum. B Lobban confirmed that a 40mph limit was a possibility and he would raise the matter with the Roads Engineer. A Kirk reported that contact had been renewed with Police Scotland locally (PC Clare MacLennan) and hoped that this would prove useful.

Website – A Rankin advised that 3 tender submissions had been received, with another in the pipeline, hopefully to be finalised next week. A representative from each user group would sit in on the selection process and assistance had been offered by R Brown and F Thom in this regard. CNPA and Karen Derrick had been asked if they could assist. Following on from this it was hoped to have a preferred supplier by Christmas.

Railway Fence – Fencing work has been completed and path reinstatement almost completed.

Pensioners’ Lunch – To be held 14th December in Carrbridge Hotel, at same cost as past 5 years.

Matters Arising (contd) -Path Clearance – R McInnes reported that most of the work had been completed, with only one path to be tidied up.

Bridge 300 Art Exhibition – This had generated good publicity and had had an excellent footfall. Final results in terms of Bridge 300 budget would be known next month. All bunting has been removed and stored. The storage of the display stands causes a problem in the village hall and a long - term solution is required. Thanks to Karen Archer for all the work she put into the organisation and promotion of this closing Bridge300 event. Thanks also to everyone who helped with the Bridge300 celebrations throughout the year.


Village Hall – The new kitchen is in use and external stonework should commence in November. A large diseased tree has been removed from NE corner of VH ground. It was agreed to leave a large stump in anticipation of it being carved in the future. It was suggested a competition be held, although this was not unanimous.

Cycle Route to Kinveachy – There has been Email correspondence with James Bracher of Scottish Cycling and a meeting of interested parties is being arranged.

Porridge 2017 – The event was a great success, with the Village Hall barely having the capacity to hold the spectators and supporters. A Kirk thanked all involved, especially Michelle Green. M O’Reilly advised that 2018 was the 25th and probably final year of the event and he suggested that it should be a really big event, which he agreed he would be available to assist more than in the past. To his suggestions of a larger venue, M Thomson-Slaven pointed out that the association with the Village Hall is symbolic and integral to the competition.

Treasurer’s Report – A Rankin advised that the current balance was £11,697.00.

Planning Applications – Only one for Carrbridge recently, which was uncontenscious.

New Items – CNPA have appointed Liz Henderson as Community Support Manager.

AOCB – R McInnes advised that he has ordered a wreath for the Rembrance Day ceremony at the War Memorial at 1245 on Sunday 12th November.

M O’Reilly complained of drainage issues on Station Road near his property.

I Campbell advised of slippery paths in the cemetery.

J Rice reiterated concerns about the speed of traffic through the village, especially the Main Street.

Date of Next Meeting – Thursday 30th November 2017 at 7.30pm.

A Kirk closed the meeting at 8.32pm.




Thursday 28th September, 2017 at 7.30p.m.


Present:  Andrew Kirk (Chairman), Bill Lobban (Councillor), Charles Miller, David Ritchie, Alan Rankin, George Dyer, Robert McInnes and Alice Buttress.

In attendance:  Iain Campbell, Mairi Brown, Maria Thompson-Slaven, Katrina Stirling, Colin Watt and Heather Davidson (Minutes).

Apologies:  Kate Adamson


Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 31st August, 2017 were approved by Alan Rankin and seconded by Robert McInnes.



Linda Jolly having been in contact with Bill Lobban is not in agreement with access to the pathway down the side of her self-catering cottage as those people using the pathway are holding on to her fence.  Andrew Kirk proposed that the gap be moved to behind the bench – this was seconded by George Dyer but after a lengthy discussion other CCrs did not agree and wished it left as it was. This area is owned by Highland Council.  

Highland Council will prune the snowberries and the bench will be spruced up.  Iain Campbell suggested the placement of a handrail, but Bill Lobban stated that this would mean the path is no longer a casual path.


George Dyer explained that during the drainage from the Fire Station to Mr Stirling’s field a blocked drain was found and this has been cleared .It was thought this was good news. . The Burn was now flowing much better.  David Ritchie informed the meeting that there is a well up the bank behind Carrmoor Guest House.  Andrew Kirk asked Bill Lobban if someone from Highland Council could be interested as two other clay pipes were found. Bill said he would bring to attention.  Mairi Brown stated her husband is a Civil Engineer and had suggested a proposal for filter drainage and would be getting estimates from his place of work to put a plan together.  Andrew Kirk is concerned about the costs but welcomed this initiative..  George Dyer went on to say that the open drain should be fenced off with temporary fencing, this was agreed.


Five Community Councillors and a representative from Highland Council met to discuss the playpark.  A decision as to what equipment is desired  will be decided upon and Highland Council will be informed.   John McLean, Community Works Officer will inform the Community Council as to the cost of surfacing.

The question was raised as to the Community putting in some more money to aid with the scheme and another £5,000 was suggested.  The Committee Council agreed to this – the total pledged now being £10000 –around 25% of the project cost. Obviously the CC will want to see plans and proposals first. Bill Lobban suggested getting John McLean to look at the drainage problem as well.


Andrew Kirk reported on the speeding issue on the Grantown-on-Spey /Inverness road.

The Divisional Police Commander had replied to the CC email – excerpt below

I can assure you and the Carrbridge community that road safety is a priority in the section and that officers both local, roads policing units and camera safety unit are aware of the speeding problems in the area and have had success in both detecting speeding offences and other offences by proactive patrols.

The matters relating to physical road layout and furniture to slow traffic would be for the roads department to comment upon. However like other villages in this area I am fully supportive of gateway signage to the village on all approach roads to ensure drivers are aware to reduce speed.

Bill Lobban reported that the Highland Council had agreed to put in 3,2,1 - 30mph signage coming in from Grantown , refresh the 30mph road markings and  install a ‘flashing ‘ 30mph warning sign sited for those traveling towards Grantown.  He asked if the CC agreed to these measures as part of the solution which they unanimously did.


Unfortunately dry rot was found in the roof of the old kitchen and will be in the region of £3,000 to repair this, Iain Campbell, Chairman of the Hall Committee had asked if Community funds could pay for this and was very grateful this payment had been agreed..  The dry rot has now been dealt with, the rafters have been grafted and the plaster and lath replaced with plaster board.


Alan Rankin has organised four companies to tender for the web-sites; these companies have all been given specifications.  A hard proposal, costed with graphics, how sites operate, stripping old copy out and an on- going maintenance fee along with training is expected soon.

WAR MEMORIAL:           

Access is still a problem as the severely disabled cannot reach the Memorial, Robert McInnes to look into laying ramps.


Alan Rankin stated that the second application is going forward; this application is for a trainee Ski Racer.


George Dyer was very happy to report a record event and thanked all who helped.   There are accounts still to come in and Alan Rankin will finalise the accounts and then inform the Community Council.


Progressing very well.



Robert McInnes and Kate Adamson visited the wind farm on the 4th September along with CCRs from Tomatin ,Cawdor ,Ferness, Grantown and Dulnain and were very impressed with progress so far. He gave a detailed report which was gratefully received.


1.  PATH CLEARANCE – Robert McInnes informed that the paths requiring attention discussed previously had either been strimmed or were about to be.

2.  TREASURERS REPORT – Alan Rankin stated there was £12,907 in the current account and that £937.00 annual grant from Highland Council has been paid.   T/Towel income is £160.00.   Outgoings - £3,000 to Village Hall and requests more funds from Carrbridge Ahead.   £2,500 - £3,000 spent on Bridge 300 so far..  Exhibitor Boards for the Art Exhibition have yet to be paid and these will then be a village asset.   Andrew Kirk reported that a good number of artists are wanting to exhibit and Karen Archer ,the organiser was actively promoting the event.  If any exhibits are sold 20% of the takings will be fed back to the Community Council.

3. PLANNING APPLICATIONS:  No current issues.


1.  Katrina Stirling stated at a Carrbridge Carve meeting it was decided to do a leaflet drop to attract more volunteers.

2.  Carrbridge Tourist and Business Association – Maria Thompson-Slaven reported that at the AGM there were no takers to the Committee hence temporary cessation of the organisation for one year.    Andrew Kirk added this was very disappointing but many thanks to Maria Thompson-Slaven for all she had done.

3.  ASBESTOS PATH – Alice Buttress having been out with Highland Council Asbestos Department on 6th September 2017 found some pieces of asbestos along with ceramic fragments; this will continue to be monitored. There was no danger to humans as these pieces were very low grade with a very small percentage of asbestos present...

4.  CYCLE ROUTE TO KINVEACHY – Mairi Brown spoke to Sustrans,and James Bracher of Cycle Scotland to take the project forward.  

5.  CHRISTMAS DINNER – Kate Adamson (Secretary) will arrange date for Seniors Christmas Dinner.   All to update the list and Alan Rankin said he would print off invitations again this year.

Meeting closed at 9.07p.m.            

NEXT Meeting

Carrbridge Ahead Meeting 7.00p.m. Thursday 28th October 2017

         Followed by Community Council Meeting at 7.30p.m.

Carrbridge & Vicinity Community Council

Minutes of Meeting

Held in Village Hall on

Thursday 31st August at 7.30pm


PRESENT: A Kirk (Chair), K Adamson (Secy), A Buttress, D Ritchie, A Rankin (Treas), R McInnes,           B Lobban (THC), G Dyer (Minutes).


IN ATTENDANCE: I Campbell, M Brown, J Weston, S Clinton, K Clinton, B Kuwall, U Leitch, A Baird, J Fraser, A Ralston, J Rice, D Stewart, D Ralston, T Stott, D Stott, D McInnes, L Bishop, B McElligott, J Porteous, L Anderson, D Williams, R Graham, J Carlyle, M Thomson-Slaven

MINUTES OF 29th JUNE: Approved GD/RMcI

MATTERS ARISING: A Kirk read out a report (copy on file) on parking & traffic flow through village, the Old Bridge area and environs and drainage problems in playing field.  He stated that a meeting had been held between Community Councillors, Bill Lobban and officers of THC.  The Roads Operations Manager (Richard Porteous) and the Parking Enforcement Officer (Craig Irvine) listened to our concerns and observations.  They advised that yellow lines were the only enforceable solution and although they would take on board our comments, they would decide what actions would be taken.  Subsequently they advised that before winter, yellow lines would be painted along the west side of Main Street from the Village Hall to the foot of Station Road, then up to West End Cottage and from Molecatcher’s Cottage down to the bridge and along to the garage.  On the east side they would start at access lane beside Spar and extend to the 20mph School sign – they had wanted to go all the way to the car park, but are holding back on that for the time being.  At the village car park they would extend from the bus stop to the fire station, with a specific bus stop being designated.  There would be a marked parking area outside the Kitchen, including a motorcycle bay and there would be  appropriate markings at entrances.   Debbie Sutton, Amenities Manager South, confirmed that they intended cutting down some vegetation around the Old Bridge area and that THC appreciated local voluntary efforts keeping the grass tidy.  They did not intend to block off access to the river near the Coronation chair.   As regards drainage problems at the Playing Field, it was acknowledged that the ground belonged to THC, but they had no problem with Carrbridge CC employing local contractors to clear vegetation, as long as work carried out in consultation with Auchterblair Farm. 

CARRBRIDGE PLAYPARK: M Brown gave update on progress, advising that £24k had been raised, with a new target of £40k. There were some concerns about timescales and equipment choices and B Lobban undertook to arrange meetings between THC officials and organisers to alleviate concerns about time restrictions imposed on funding grants.  Concerns remain over drainage issues.

SPEEDING IN VILLAGE: A Kirk reported on numerous Emails received from residents about speeding on Grantown and Inverness Roads into and out of the village.  D Stott and J Rice voiced the concerns of many, pointing out that, in addition to excessive speed,  there were no crossing point indicators, the road contours and lines of sight caused problems, there was much less police activity than before and the speed indicator is in wrong position.  Suggestions included rumble strips (although concens about noise) and a 40mph zone starting out past Lochanhully with a count down to 30mph.  B Lobban agreed to contact the Roads Engineer to arrange a visit and meeting to discuss options. 

A Kirk confirmed that the CC would keep on top of this matter.  

VILLAGE HALL:  I Campbell reported that the Village Hall extension was on budget and scheduled internal work would be completed by 23rd September.  The external stonework was due to be started by end of October.  The Buy a Brick total currently stood at £3,000.

WEBSITE:  A Rankin reported that after reassessment the conclusion was to have 3 independent, but linked sites for Carve Carrbridge, World Porridge Championship and  The architecture of each site had been defined and tenders invited to meet our requirements. A Rankin is minded to recommend we pay for someone to oversee sites, but with specific access by others to each site.  A Rankin currently has control of the website, having received the codes from R Brown.

ELLAN BRIDGE: J Walker has completed annual inspection and noted several minor works required, which R McInnes has duly completed – thanks to Robert.

WAR MEMORIAL: The War Memorial Trust has completed the cleaning, but railings still need painting.  R McInnes to investigate possibility of access by disabled persons.

DUCK RACE 2017: G Dyer reported on a very successful race at second attempt, with almost £1k being raised.  Thanks to all volunteers who helped on day.

WOOD SCULPTURE: A Kirk thanked Alice & Jeff Buttress for their work and M Thomson-Slaven for her determination and organisation of the unveiling.  Maria then thanked Alice & Jeff for their efforts, inspiration and skills, a view which was shared by all present.

CARRBRIDGE BURSARY: The first award of £600 has been allocated, with a PR event planned in a  few weeks time.  Details of the Bursary are on

CARVE CARRBRIDGE 2017:  G Dyer reported ther field was set up and everyone was geared up for a big day on Saturday.

TREASURER’s REPORT:  Current Balance £14,580, with £5k allocated to Playpark, leaving available funds of £9,580.   £20k has been transferred to Village Hall for extension.

PLANNING APPLICATIONS: None received in last month.

NEW ITEMS:  Tom na Clach Windfarm – K Adamson & R McInnes to attend meeting on 7th September.  Notify any concerns to them.   Bumps on Dava Road causing concerns.                                     New Hospital Design Display – event in Aviemore 5th September.                                                            Data Protection Registration – Secretary to renew.                                                                                      THC Quality Awards – Advise CC of any staff worthy of award.                    

AOCB:   Concerns about state of footpath and lack of fencing beside railway line and the overgrown nature of the footpath to south of village.  A Rankin & R McInnes to investigate and arrange cutting back.                                                                                                                                                                          

A Buttress reported slippery parts of gravel path in cemetery – B Lobban to investigate. 

There is an steep unprotected section of banking to the west of the road north out of the village – B Lobban will report this also.                                                                                                         

J Porteous queried why no further consultation with residents in respect of parking etc.  A Kirk pointed out that people’s views had been expressed and noted and THC officials made it clear that the body with which they had discussions was the Community Council, whose views they would listen to, but the final decision would be made by the Road Engineers.                                    

Discussion on number of campervans using car park for overnight stay and lack of bins for resulting rubbish.                                                                                                                                                                   Agreed that Coronation Bench needs renovation.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  Thursday 28th September at 7.30pm, following AGM of Carrbridge Ahead at 7pm.

The meeting closed at 8.50pm. 



Thursday 28th September 2017 at 7.30p.m. Carrbridge Hotel

House Keeping: Fire Exits etc

Introduction of Community Councillors to Visitors

People present and apologies received    Kate-apologies

Minutes of Meeting 31st August  2017 – agreement and signing

Matters Arising           Lower Station Road Parking 

Area around Old Bridge             

Playing Fields Playpark Upgrade and Drainage problem


Village Hall renovation

Website and Domain name

War Memorial access for All Abilities

Bursary 2nd award

Carve Carrbridge

Tom na Clach visit by RMcI and KA       

Railway line Footpath and Fence                                                                                                

Matters Outstanding  (no discussion needed unless new information)        

Old Bridge                                                    Capercaillie

Redesign of Health Services B & S                     Ellan Bridge -  2 yearly inspections 

War Memorial upgrading  RMcI                             Paths Ellan Wood

Struan                                                                       Pay phone - future

Tom na Clach                                                            Christmas Party

Updating of Action Plan - Cycle route to Kinveachy                          

Carrbridge Bursary -progress                           A9 Dualling

Village Hall funding and Buy a Brick or Slate Project                         

Written Financial report from the Treasurer AR

Current Account totals

Planning Applications received by email   Mrs L Ross  Ela Mar  Station Road


New Items - some received by Chairman & Secretary and already circulated by email


Questions or contributions from the public present

Date of next meeting:  Thursday October 28th 2017 at 7.30 in Village Hall

(The AGM of CarrBridge Ahead should be held at 7pm before the Meeting,  provided the Accounts are ready)

Time of closure of meeting               




Thursday 29th June, 2017 at 7.30p.m.


Present:  Andrew Kirk (Chairman), Bill Lobban (Councillor), Charles Miller, David Ritchie, Kate Adamson (Secretary), Alan Rankin, George Dyer, Robert McInnes and Alice Buttress.

In attendance:  Iain Campbell, Jan Carlyle, Bobbie McGelligott, Janet Porteous, Mairi Brown, Jacqueline Rice, Jimmy Fraser, James and Maria Thompson-Slaven, and Heather Davidson (Minutes).

Apologies:  Nil.


Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 25th May, 2017 were approved by Kate Adamson and seconded by Alice Buttress.

The amended time of the closure of this meeting should have read 8.30p.m.


 PARKING IN GENERAL IN THE VILLAGE:  There was a general discussion round the room regarding double yellow lines and white lines, but it was pointed out that too many lines will affect the commercial establishments in the village.   It was finally decided that a meeting with all interested parties, Highland Council included to once and for all come to a decision regarding this matter including the trimming of trees and shrubs at the Bridge end of Station Road.

VILLAGE HALL:  Iain Campbell, Chairman of the Village Hall was happy to announce that the builders will be on site on 30th June 2017 to start the building of the kitchen extension and asked the Community Council to release the funds promised of £20,000, Alan Rankin will transfer these funds.   Iain Campbell also asked if it was possible to borrow money from the Community Council, should there be a short fall in the final costs, this was agreed in principal.

PLAYPARK:  Mairi Brown stated that other methods of fund raising were in the pipeline and that the children will be consulted as to their preferences for the equipment.   There is still an on-going problem with the drainage; Alan Rankin will contact Will Anderson of Seafield Estate regarding their boundary line.   John McLean of Highland Council will be contacted regarding the installation of the new picnic table.

WEBSITE & DOMAIN:   Alan Rankin reported that after a meeting with all interested parties, i.e. CC, CBTA,Village Hall, Porridge and Carve it was decided that three separate web-sites would be the best way to go.   As Roy Brown is standing down it was agreed that this should be put out to tender for an independent company to manage this, hopefully a draft would be ready by the end of July.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  There is £34,769 in the account as of this day.

PLANNING:  Rosevean House at Dalrachney Beag has withdrawn their application.


NEW HOUSES:  Andrew Kirk presented mock up boards of the proposed new houses opposite Landmark.   There are to be 12 Council Houses and 13 Low Cost Houses, the vibes for this development were very positive.   Janet Porteous felt that it was a pity that a Housing Association was not on board with this development, or even shared equity.   Bill Lobban pointed out that you cannot tell a developer who to sell his houses to.

BRIDGE 300 – OCTOBER ART EXHIBITION:  Monies are required to put this on, exhibition rails are to remain in the Village Hall, Karen Archer and Rona Kant are organizing this.

VILLAGE HALL AGM:  Alice Buttress and Andrew Kirk attended the meeting and were pleased with the outcome.

A9 DUALLING:  The CC received a letter stating that the CC preference for the  Slochd from Blackmount Junction has been agreed.   Grainish Junction still has to be considered.

HM FIRE SERVICE:  Kate Adamson has been sent a questionnaire which has to be completed by September 2017, all members will be given a copy.

DUCK RACE:  This will be held on 6th August, 2017 at 5.00p.m.



COMMEMORATIVE PLAQUE:  Charles Miller reported that Donald Powell has a stone and is donating this, Robert McInnes along with Charles Miller will take this matter forward.   Charles Miller also queried what the decision was on the Firework Display, after discussion it was agreed not to proceed with this event.

FOOTBALL FIELD:  Robert McInnes has taken a booking for 26th August, 2017 for a youth football tournament, this will be free of charge as no changing rooms are required.

WAR MEMORIAL:  Robert McInnes was pleased to report that the Stone Mason will be in attendance by the end of September.

CARRBRIDGE BURSARY:  Alan Rankin informed the meeting that the first application has been received.

BRIDGE 300 WHISKY BOTTLES:  Gareth Paschke, The Cairn Hotel, has not received these, as yet.

SPEEDING:  Jacqueline Rice is concerned with speeding vehicles coming into the village from Grantown-on-Spey.   Bill Lobban stated this was a police matter and the Divisional Command are trying to divert A9 Police into villages also using unmarked cars.   There were several suggestions from the floor, but Andrew Kirk pointed out that you only get what the HC Roads Engineer can allow. He will contact the Divisional Police commander to request additional patrols.

HIGH GRASSES ON GRASS VERGE:  Jacqueline Rice raised the point that the grass at the entrance to Dalbeag was very high and made visibility on to the Main Road very difficult.   She was informed that the verges are done in rotation, but Bill Lobban will take this matter up with the HC Department.

RIGHT OF WAY TO RIVER:  Jimmy Fraser feels very strongly about having to clear the path to the river which he has done about eight times and feels this has become a fly-tipping situation which is so wrong .   He was informed that the path would be part of the discussion with THC regarding tree and shrub trimming along with white lines, parking etc.

T/TOWELS AND CARVING TRAIL:  Maria Thompson-Slaven was happy to announce that she has ordered a second batch of the Bridge T/Towels and that 200 have already been sold.   The Carving Trail designed by Jeff Buttress has been a great success and an update is being designed by him.

BRIDGE 300 CARVING:  Maria Thompson-Slaven informed the meeting that the permission for the Carve is now in place and that Jeff and Alice Buttress have started the Carve, using Burr Elm from Culloden.   This is not a bench but an Art Installation.   The Carrbridge Tourist and Business Association have secured all monies required for the installation of the Carve.   She went on to say that the CTBA AGM is in September and she will be resigning her post as Chairwoman after the World Porridge Competition in October.

GOAL POSTS:  Iain Campbell asked if there could be netting on the goal posts at the football players are coming into the Bowling Green to retrieve their footballs and requests that the fence be repaired to keep the rabbits out.   Robert McInnes will try to resolve this point.

Meeting closed at 8.51p.m.                                     Date of next meeting – 27th July 2017

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