In 1808 a "Plan of the Intended Village at the Bridge of Carr" was drawn out. At this time, the inhabitants of Duthil Parish lived at DALNAHAITNACH, FOREGIN and SLOCHD. The Old Bridge of Carr had been built in 1717 as a foot bridge. . In 1791 a new toll bridge built for wheeled transport, bore first the Kinveachy to Dulsie Bridge military road and from 1803, the Perth - Inverness road as well. The 'T' junction at the new bridge was seen as a "settlement-site-in waiting."

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The Carrbridge Hotel Stables, now the Old Bridge Garage, an uninterrupted history servicing transportation.

The first building near the Bridge was an Inn. The first Inn-keeper was George Ellis, junior, son of a Huntly weaver who had moved to Grantown to supervise the work at the Grantown -on -Spey Linen Company's factory. There were 70 plots on the 1808 village plan which included one-and-a half-acre plots North of the Bridge. These plots were in effect small crofts on Bogroy land along the new main road ( Inverness Road). The "croft" plots were let quite quickly but by 1860, only about a dozen plots had been developed South of the bridge. It was not until the opening of the Aviemore to Inverness spur of the Highland railway line in 1898 that Carr Bridge advanced from being a hamlet to becoming a village. An old holiday guide refers to Carr Bridge as, "A quiet holiday village on the fringes of nowhere in particular" - but 150 years after the 1808 plan was drawn up, Carr Bridge would be booming as the first ski-centre in Scotland.


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