Bridge of Carr


Erected by Brigadier-General Sir Alexander Grant of Grant in 1717 for estate purposes to provide passage for foot passengers, horses and stock and for funerals to Duthil Churchyard, hence its other local name "the coffin bridge". The bridge took six months to built and cost £100. The specification for the bridge stated that it should be of "ane reasonable Breadth and Height as will Receive the water when in the greatest speat." And it is - only the parapets of this bridge were washed away in the muckle spate of 1829. 

A bridge for wheeled traffic - a toll bridge - was built in 1791 where the present bridge is now. The present bridge was built in the 1970s.

Sluggan Bridge


Up river via Station Road towards Dalnahaitnach, Sluggan Bridge was the second bridge to be built at this point on the river. General Wade's military road, built in 1728 is about 2 miles up Station Road. To the North, the road runs down to Sluggan where the road crosses the Dulnain and continues on through to Slochd. 

Wade originally crossed the Dulnain with a ford which was later replaced in the 1760s with a low two-arch bridge. This was swept away during the great flood of the 3rd August 1829, to be replaced by the current large single span bridge in the 1830s.

Major repairs were carried out to the bridge in 2001/02 by Sustrans as part of the National Cycle Network. Sluggan Bridge is category A listed and a scheduled monument. The Wade Road is an ancient right of way.

Ellan Bridge


The present suspension wooden bridge which crosses the river Dulnain between Dalrachney Beag and Ellan (access from Station Road or along the river bank from the Old Garage) was erected in 1992 by Ghurka soldiers who lived in the village hall while the work was carried out. It replaced an old bridge which had become unsafe.


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