The village has always attracted many visitors. The high altitude - 850 feet above sea level - was regarded as being beneficial to heart cases and the resinous air of pine wood provided relief for chest complaints. . HONEY, once again being used widely for medicinal purposes, was produced in abundance. There were several bee keepers in the district whose honeys were in great demand up until the mid 1960's.

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A mineral well was situated at Auchterblair. The well was of chalybeate water, mineral water containing salts of iron reported by an analyst of the water to be "free from organic matter and entirely free from organic pollution. Locals used to drink directly from the spring using a metal cup on a chain.

Five wells are shown on an old estate map of the Carrbridge area.

Herbal remedies were made for human consumption. Bog myrtle brew was allegedly good for rheumatism.

When the Highland Railway extended North via Carrbridge to Inverness, the medical profession was recommending to those in search of health, to resort to the glens and straths of the Highlands, rather than the seaside.

In 1989, the Community Council issued a challenge to Britain's water diviners to find the lost well of Carrbridge in an endeavour to build the image of Carrbridge as Strathspey's holiday spa resort. But the well remains lost in the woods of Crannich.


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