Capercaillie Information Evening
23.03.2017 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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Cairngorms Capercaillie Project Information Evening

Thursday 23rd March, 7:30pm, Carrbridge Hotel

At the January Community Council meeting, Carr-Bridge community was invited to be part of a National Park-wide capercaillie project. The proposal is for Carr-Bridge to take part in an innovative 18 month study to put the community’s needs and desires at the heart of capercaillie conservation.
To find out more about what this could involve and what it could mean for the village, Carr-Bridge Community Council requested the CNPA hold an information evening where local residents can hear what is proposed and to ask any questions.

What is the project about?

Without collaboration and urgent action across the National Park, there’s a very real chance capercaillie may become extinct here. This project aims to address some of the main pressures on capercaillie by:

• understanding and celebrating what people value about capercaillie and pinewoods, maximising the benefits people get from them;

• working with communities to meet and improve recreation needs whilst minimising the impact on capercaillie; and

• delivering conservation action to support long-term survival.

What might the project look like?

The first step is to agree with the community an initial 18 month community engagement based ‘Development Phase’. Following on from that it is hoped to develop a ‘Delivery Phase’ based around the community’s views. The Delivery Phase would be a 3 ½ year project (2019-2022).

What’s happening now?

This meeting is to provide information on what the community engagement within the Development Phase could look like.


  • We are not deciding what might happen in Carr-Bridge at this point. No decisions about what might happen will be taken until after the 18 month Development Phase. Community engagement and feedback will be central to any project going forward.

  • This is an opportunity for Carr-Bridge community to be part of something new and innovative. This project is about putting community values and desires right at the heart of decision making for conservation and management of the local natural environment.


Contact: info@cairngorms.co.uk    01479 873 535



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