Neil Sinclair Rail History Talk
22.09.2017 7:15 pm - 8:45 pm
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Neil Sinclair, the author of The Highland Main Line and other railway books.

Presented by the Highland Main Line, Community Rail Partnership, in association with Friends of Carrbridge Station.

The Highland Main Line: Its People and Buildings

This talk by Neil Sinclair will look at two different aspects of the Highland Main Line. One is the people involved with the railway between Perth and Inverness. They included the landowners through whose estates the line was built and those whose lives could be greatly affected by the line running close to, or even through, the farms they tenanted. Another group whose lives are discussed are the permanent way staff who, with their families, often lived alongside remote parts of the line.

The second part of the talk will look at the buildings on the Main Line the railway companies erected. The bridges and viaducts are some of the most impressive structures in the Highlands. The station buildings reflect not only the materials available in the region, but also the financial state of the railways when they were being erected and the social status of the local laird.

The talk will be illustrated with historic photographs and plans.


Neil Sinclair is the author of The Highland Main Line and Highland Railway; People and Places. His interest in the history of the Highland Main Line started when listening to his father's memories of the building of the new route from Aviemore to Inverness in the 1890s. It developed during holidays on the family farm in Inverness-shire and journeys to and from Rannoch School. His first article about the route appeared in 1969 and since then he has written many other articles on the Highland Railway as well as several editions of the Strathspey Railway Guide Book and contributed to other books on the HR. He is Chairman of the WEC Watkinson Trust which is restoring LMS Black Five 4-6-0 5025 for use on the Strathspey Railway.

This is a free talk.



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