At the Carrbridge Community Council (CCC) meeting on 26th January, a representative from CNPA gave an outline of initial development phase thinking that might in turn lead to a Capercaillie education and awareness conservation project. If taken forward the project would be Park-wide and as Carrbridge lies within the main population area for Capercaillie, CNPA are keen to hear local views to help shape the project ideas. CCC agreed that it would be beneficial to explore the options that lay within the development phase and to allow full community engagement to take place. Following on from questions raised at the meeting by community councillors and members of the public further discussions have taken place with CNPA. This has led to CCC inviting CNPA and their project partners to meet with residents at an information evening prior to the project being developed any further. The purpose of the meeting is to allow all to hear and understand more about what the project could entail, how the community engagement could be done and provide an opportunity for residents to ask questions and share their views.

The date, time and place of the meeting will be advertised by CCC in due course through social media, press, village notice boards and a door to door letter drop.

Andrew Kirk
Carrbridge and Vicinity Community Council