Thursday 30th NOVEMBER, 2017 at 7.30p.m.


Present:  Andrew Kirk (Chairman), John Bruce (Councillor), David Ritchie, George Dyer, Kate Adamson (Secretary), Robert McInnes and Alice Buttress.

In attendance:  Iain Campbell, Mairi Brown, Liz Bishop, Lorraine Anderson, Martyn O’Reilly, Liz Henderson (National Park), Denise Stott and Heather Davidson (Minutes).

Apologies:  Bill Lobban, Alan Rankin, Charlie Miller and Maria Thompson-Slaven.

MINUTES:  Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday, 26th October, 2017 were approved by Robert McInnes and seconded by Alice Buttress.




Mairi Brown announced that £40,000 has been raised for the upgrade of the play park with more to come –perhaps to a total of 45K . John McLean has been in contact with suppliers and a decision will be made and installation will commence after Easter.  A discussion followed regarding the choices of bases, i.e. matting or bark.   David Ritchie added that the matting at the gate had been down for four years.   As Highland Council is buying the equipment we will save on VAT meaning that an extra 20% can be spent .   George Dyer was concerned that one of  the grants, previously awarded would run out, but this is not the case.   Robert McInnes reported that the burn is flowing well but the field was still waterlogged in places.   David Ritchie feels that this is as good as it will ever be.  Andrew Kirk wants to persuade Highlife Highland /THC to work with CCC to resolve the drainage and asked John Bruce to emphasize this to Bill Lobban.   Robert McInnes is concerned that the goal mouth on the playing field has not been done as yet.   Andrew Kirk complimented all concerned regarding the amount of work that has gone into the monies raised.


John Bruce reported that all decisions regarding flashing mph signs and road markings, including 40mph from Lochanhully has been held over until the New Year, as many other villages are having the same problem.   Denise Stott is not happy with this matter trundling along.   She went on to say that this has been a problem since 2008 and is getting worse, vehicles coming from Inverness to Grantown-on-Spey put their foot down and speed out of the village, she also felt that other villages are not on a main road and she would like a progress report.   John Bruce would prefer more expensive signage i.e. flashing signs giving actual mph.   Denise Stott also stated that ‘speeding’ Haulage Companies had been written to previously and that her group want to do this again along with the primary school ‘don’t speed ‘ poster. Andrew Kirk commented that the posters previously displayed were excellent, Lorraine Anderson and Denise Stott are to contact the Haulage Companies again, but Andrew Kirk wants the Community Council to view the letter before sending.


George Dyer explained that there were 5 quotes sent in but some were incomplete and 3 have been eliminated.   There are 2 other firms sending in quotes.


Should anyone know someone 65 years of age or over who have not received an invitation please inform a member of the Community Council.   Denise Stott mentioned that her husband was over 65.   The Primary school is once again providing the entertainment.


Community Councillors and all residents can  attend a drop in day on 1st December 2017 in the Village Hall and see the plans regarding the junctions at Blackmount and Granish. Andrew Kirk  also wants to find out more about the NMU route. A small initial group has formed to discuss again a track from Carrbridge to Loch Va. The  National Park should be leading on this . Such a route would be great for tourism and connecting locals with Boat and Aviemore. The CC are disappointed that the CNPA are not being more helpful here. 


Due to the Treasurer not being at the meeting the report will be given later.

(balance as at 30th November was £10,043.62)


Kate Adamson reported that there had been  planning applications but nothing controversial. 1. A house behind Highlanders and 2. Temporary toilets at Landmark.  There is to be a meeting on 24th January 2018 with the Housing Department of Highland Council, the Community Council and National Park.  In the evening of 24th January 2018 there will be a meeting of the MIR Board,  Liz Henderson (National Park explained that the 2020 plan was launched last Friday 24th October 2017, copies are available on line and advised the meeting to look at maps and issues and how to tackle them.   The meeting commences at 6.00p.m.

A meeting on 30th January 2018 is to be held at the Hub in Aviemore at 6.00p.m.  This is a drop in meeting and then further discussions round the table will follow.   This is an opportunity to see what is proposed before going to the Scottish Government.   Object now; do not leave any concerns until the next consultation.

Housing Site Opposite Landmark on Main Road, Carrbridge

Statement of Alterations to Design

  • See separate appendage regarding the building of houses behind Crannich Park.


Lara Campbell has asked for £300.00 for Childrens Party which is the usual donation, this was agreed.


Robert McInnes reported on the Ceremony which was well attended.   Rev. Donald Walker held the service and wreaths were laid by:-

                     Robert McInnes on behalf of Carrbridge Community Council

                     Karen Archer on behalf of the local Fire Service

                     Gus Carnegie on behalf of the Church of Scotland

                     Kyle Powell played the Bagpipes.

Robert McInnes went on to state that several people mentioned the pristine condition of the War Memorial and the upgraded path (much improved).   There was a request if the sign-post could be positioned at the entrance with directions to the village and Station Road, also could the path from Fairwinds area be upgraded.  

It was agreed to ask Douglas Edwards to make these signs, Robert McInnes to take this matter forward.   David Ritchie asked if some of the trees could be cut down, but Highland Council have been asked many times to do this, but to no avail.

Alice Buttress was surprised that the yellow lines proposed for the village have not been done yet, Andrew Kirk explained that this was apparently due to weather.  

There was a general discussion regarding the trimming of the snowberries on Station Road with a feeling that it was hardly noticeable

Mairi Brown was pleased to announce that the sales of the Carrbridge Jigsaw have helped greatly raising funds for the play area and thanked David Ritchie for his financial support with this.

Iain Campbell reported that the stone cladding round the kitchen extension at the Village Hall is going up; when this is finished the whole job will be completed.

Martin O’Reilly gave an up date on the Porridge Competition.   He also was pleased to say that the repair to his Station Road drainage had been a success.

Denise Stott appreciates all that the Community Council has done and is trying to do regarding the speeding problem.

The meeting closed at 8.37p.m.                                               Date of next meeting 25th January 2018