Thursday 25th October, 2018

in the Village Hall at 7.30p.m.



Andrew Kirk (Chairman) David Ritchie, Alice Buttress, George Dyer, Kate Adamson (Secretary), Robert McInnes,

Bill Lobban (Councillor) and Charles Miller.


In attendance:

Mich Green,  Bobby McElligott,  Jan Carlyle,  Colin Watt,  Hazel Moody



Cllr Bill Lobban,   Heather Davidson (Minutes Sec)


Andrew Kirk welcomed all to the meeting.

Minutes:  The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 27th September, 2018 were proposed as correct by George Dyer, seconded by Alice Buttress and agreed by Members present.



Playpark: Snagging Issues being solved currently.

NMU route Aviemore/Carrbridge which has previously been discussed for the NMU is still not acceptable to the Community. There are a number of objectors as well as the Community Council on behalf of the Community:   Highland Council,  Cairngorms National Park and Sustrans

Development Plan:  H1 Carr Place – Pre-application notification from Bracewell Stirling for the whole area of the field, but with undetermined number of houses.  The Community Council will comment when we get more details

Road to Graveyard  Cllr Bill Lobban has reported the large pothole to Highland Council

Speeding   Private members legislation for 20mph limits has been stalled by Scottish Government.  We need to wait for Bill Lobban to be present to discuss this issue further

Bench up Station Road    Charlie and Robert will look at it


Treasurers Report:  Charles Miller reported that Highland Council Grant had come at £415.12, net of Insurance.    Giving current total of £4116.81


Carve Carrbridge:  The profit is expected to be £23,000 on closing the accounts


Golden Spurtle:  There will be some deficit when Finances are finalized – due to funds spent for the 25th Anniversary

Discussion of the Future of the Porridge event.   Mich Green, Martyn O’Reilly, previous members of the Porridge Committee all are not prepared to run or co-ordinate the event next year – although none of them want it to go to another community and not to another Country

But they feel that something has to be done, as competitors want to book for next year

Charlie also does not want the Porridge to go away or stop.  He commented that the Village Hall is too small.  Hall of Carrbridge Hotel is 400 m2

Possibility of Hamlyns helping with Event.  They have asked for a 3 year deal.  Mich will speak to them to see if they would take it over with help from several folk who have helped with the Porridge in the past

A Public Meeting to let the village know that there is no one to run Porridge, but time is tight – must be before next CCC Meeting.  Letterbox drop suggested to publicize it, with local Notices and sharing them on Facebook


Senior Christmas Party  Date discussed with Colin, and Tuesday 11th December was agreed at the Carrbridge Hotel.  Invitation circulation will be looked at by all Community Councillors for names which should be taken off and also names which should be added

Must add sentence about GDPR

Bobby feels that quit a number of people would like to contribute towards it. AK said that it really was not necessary


Planning Application:  Nothing concerning the CC.



Snakey BridgeRepairs will require to be done by a local Contractor, as need large heavy planks. AK, CM and RMcI to arrange.  CNPA will out £500 towards

New Glencharnoch Sign  Advised to go to look at it

Entrance to village from Grantown   Denise Stott had offered to try to improve vegetation, but Safety from Traffic is essential

Jigsaws. Profit still going to playpark,, but when this is finished (soon) David Ritchie will receive this in reimbursement

Update on Mast by Golf Course – it should function from the end of December

Defibrillator  CM having problem obtaining new Batteries, but will continue to try

B & S Community Council Forum  Cohesive Communities was talked about at last meeting and  CM  would like to to pass information on at next Meeting. To be put on Agenda

Church information   1)  Presentation for Rev. Donald Walker – RMcI will go to it

2)  10th November Armistice Day; invitation from Highland Council and RMcI will attend

3)   11th November  Service at War Memorial.  RMcI has been organizing it:  he has got the Crosses and will get a Wreath

Speeding noisy motorbikes   Hazel reported that she had several episodes to complaine about – but has no details

of whom it might be


Date of Next Meeting:  Thursday 29th November 2018

Meeting closed at 8.25p.m.