Thursday 27th September, 2018
in the Village Hall at 7.30p.m.



Andrew Kirk (Chairman) David Ritchie, Alice Buttress, George Dyer, Kate Adamson (Secretary), Robert McInnes, Bill Lobban (Councillor) and Charles Miller.

In attendance:

Denise Stott, Jacqueline Rice, Martyn O’Reilly, Mairi Brown, Margarete Paschke and Heather Davidson (Minutes)

Andrew Kirk welcomed all to the meeting.

Minutes:  The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 30th August, 2018 were approved by George Dyer and seconded by Alice Buttress.


Playpark: Mairi Brown was pleased to announce that the playpark will be completed by Friday, 28th September, 2018 and the opening ceremony will be held on Sunday 30th September 2018 at 11.00.   Andrew Kirk praised Mairi and the team for all the efforts made to bring this event to fruition.

Website:  George Dyer reported all up and running, Carve, CC, Golden Spurtle. Charles Miller asked who owns the website; he was informed it is owned by the CC.   Martyn O’Reilly asked who puts things on the web-site, the answer was Alistair Shepherd.

A9 Dualling:  An information day held in the Village Hall on 21st September 2018. The route that has previously been discussed for the NMU is still not acceptable to the Community and  the CC will be formally objecting to this proposal (AK & GD to action).

Development Plan:  H1 Carr Place – CC this matter is still not resolved regarding the 72 houses split into two sections of 36 and talks will continue.

Landmark:  The CC had a long meeting with Landmark regarding the extra land they wish to be rezoned for tourism .The problem for many is that should Landmark be sold , will the extra land that Landmark are not intending using currently be used by a new owner. Seafield Estate are not willing to let Landmark have just the land they require.   Denise Stott felt that the Estate is holding a gun to Landmark to take on all of the land.   Andrew Kirk stated that caveats should be put in. Denise Stott supports Landmark but if the proposed site were to be reduced the objection would be removed and that there should be due process and consultation.   Alice Buttress agrees that a moderate extension should be allowed and the Capercaille group would also be in agreement to this.

Treasurers Report:  Charles Miller gave his report that £3881.69 is presently held.

Carve Carrbridge:  George Dyer was pleased to announce that it was a successful year and around £20,000 has been cleared.   The final total will be announced once all invoices have been settled..   Margarete Paschke added that the Carve has raised around £150000 for the village over its existence. Andrew Kirk said everyone was very grateful for this.

Golden Spurtle:  Kate Adamson reported all was going to plan.   Martyn O’Reilly discussed the competition going forward, as it has now become an International Competition he would like the CC to call a meeting for all after this year’s event to discuss these matters, he would also like the competition moved to June.

Planning Application:  Nothing concerning the CC.

Defibrillators:  Charles Miller reported that the replacement Pads and Batteries cost £200.00 for Batteries and £50.00 for pads.   Andrew Kirk suggested that that Carrbridge Ahead be asked to consider paying for this as CC has no income to speak of now.   Charles Miller went on to say that there has been an invitation to contribute to register all defibrillators, but the paperwork is horrendous so no thanks.   The charity who supplied the defibrillators has a register.

Community Council Scheme Consultation:  The CCrs met to discuss and submitted their response.

Snakey Bridge:  This is an very informal bridge – more of a causeway over a boggy pathway- made of railway sleepers.  The CNPA have offered £500 towards the repair like for like and a contractor be hired to do the work.   David Ritchie offered wood for the job but not railway sleepers.   David Ritchie really wants to do this; Martyn O’Reilly added that the sleepers should have a wire coating as the bridge becomes very slippery. The ‘problem’ is that the repair has to be like for like otherwise it would need to be completely changed health and safety wise and the cost would be huge. Andrew Kirk asked about the time scale, David Ritchie stated it would be done before the winter.

Graveyard:  The matter of the pot hole was raised, David Ritchie stated it was big but was not deep.  This will be attended to by THC – Bill will progress.

Data Protection:  Charles Miller stated that the paperwork has been amended four times and communication is flowing.

Bursary:  Alan Rankin stepped down from the Committee and Doug Jeffries is now in charge.


  1. Asbestos Paths: Alice Buttress along with the Asbestos Officer was disappointed that there is more Asbestos coming to the surface. There are two areas of concern but no danger to the public.   Inspections will continue
  2. Speeding: Jacqueline Rice requested an update on speeding restrictions through the village i.e. 20mph.
  3. Tree Felling: This matter is in the hands of others. Nothing further to report at this time.
  4. Benches: Mairi Brown reported that a bench by the swing park is sloping and no-one sits on it.   It was suggested that it be done up or removed. Martyn O’Reilly then remembered the public bench on his land which is falling apart and whether to replace it or repair it.   Andrew Kirk suggested that if he could repair it , the CC will pay any costs. Martyn was thanked for allowing a bench on his land. Charlie Miller said he used it and saw others doing so also.

Meeting closed at 8.17p.m. Date of Next Meeting:  Thursday 25th October 2018