Thursday 28th June 2018

in the Village Hall at 7.30p.m.


Andrew Kirk (Chairman) David Ritchie, Alice Buttress, George Dyer, Kate Adamson, Bill Lobban (Councillor) and Charles Miller.

In attendance:

Denise Stott, Jan Carlyle, Lorraine Anderson and Heather Davidson (Minutes)

Andrew Kirk welcomed all to the meeting.

Apologies:  Robert McInnes, Alan Rankin.

Minutes:  The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 28th May 2018 were proposed by George Dyer and seconded by Alice Buttress.


Playing Field, Play Park:  A supplier has now been chosen and George Dyer reported that the work might be completed the week before the Carve but if not construction would not start after.

Speeding:  Bill Lobban stated that the 20mph speed limit through the village will hopefully go through the Scottish Parliament before the end of the session; he went on to say that there has been a police presence in the village to monitor the traffic.   Lorraine Anderson asked if it was necessary to have a whole village meeting to decide on the proposed 20mph.   Andrew Kirk replied that there were some  residents against this proposal, therefore, a meeting will be held.   Denise Stott stated that it was her understanding that if the CC agreed to this prior to the Scottish Government passing this plan it could go ahead and feels that the matter need clarification.    She acknowledged there was a  police presence but went on to say that there are several young lads in the area of the Carrbridge Hotel slamming on brakes.   She added that a Harbro vehicle was seen doing 50mph. Her feelings are that the wish lists of various actions are not happening and there is a lack of clarity.   Andrew Kirk added that if this plan does not go through there will have to be a plan B.   Denise Stott stated that in England there is a community speed watch; George Dyer added that he checked with the police and this scheme is not in operation in Scotland.   Denise Stott replied that it is in operation in Fife.   Lorraine Anderson  asked if the speed cameras on A9 be utilised in the village when the A9 reverts back to 70mph.Andrew Kirk thought unlikely and they would continue to be used on the A9 monitoring 70mph as in Dunblane to Perth.   Lorraine Anderson suggested chicane through the village but Bill Lobban stated there is no money, Charles Miller added that the villagers do not want this.   Denise Stott is concerned about the flashing count down signs not happening . Bill Lobban advised that the signs will change once the Bill is passed.   Andrew Kirk suggested 40 – 30mph from Lochunhully, Bill Lobban informed the meeting that all 30mph will change to 20mph, Bill Lobban added that there is a lot of cross party support.

Yellow Lines:  Andrew Kirk reported there couldn’t be a referendum on every single issue.  The engineer felt that where parking cones had been placed by residents and businesses is where yellow lines were especially needed i.e. Spar Shop back entrance, corner of station road and Craft Shop . The Bus Stop in the carpark has been formalized and yellows in place to help flow of buses following complaints from bus company and fire vehicle. Hauliers and large vehicles getting in and out of Carr Road was also a highlighted problem due to cars outside village hall.  There have been many e-mails to Cc and THC – some just to the HC on parking and traffic flow over the last 3 to 4 years. It is not a new problem. The CC asked THC for help as they are powerless on this. Bill Lobban pointed out that it is worth remembering that the Engineer said where the Yellow Lines should be and the CC had asked for them not to be placed outside the shop or further down the main road to the Cairn contrary to his advice.

The disabled place was a statutory obligation in the main street and two more were signed in the Car Park.   Andrew Kirk added that one business wants the lines to continue further towards the carpark. This maybe needs revisiting.   Bill Lobban added that HC would want the lines down for a year before any further decisions would be made.  Kate Adamson felt that it would take the summer traffic to see how the lines are used.   Bill Lobban informed the meeting that Traffic Wardens are in Grantown-on-Spey but the problem parkers are not only tourists but locals.  George Dyer added that the majority of people are parking where there are no Yellow Lines.   Andrew Kirk asked Bill Lobban if the School Car Park could be made available for the overspill, Bill Lobban said it was worth asking, Andrew Kirk went on to ask if this could be dealt with quickly with a sign “Overflow Car Park”, Bill Lobban said he would ask the relevant department.

Website:  George Dyer reported that the 2nd meeting will be held during the 2nd week of July, the timescale is optimistic but hope to be up and running by the end of summer.

A9 Dualing and Cycle Route:  Andrew Kirk informed the meeting that the Tomatin Meeting video realisation of that stretch was available on line. He felt it was hard to imagine that the Perth –Inverness would be  completed was hard by 2025.   The A9 Contractors are still not listening to requests pertaining to the NMU. The working group on this will be sending a letter to Scottish Government ministers soon.

Porridge:  The Porridge Committee (with the exception of Martyn who sent his apologies) had a meeting last week to chose the competitors and as a general catch up on actions.   Kate can probably give you more detail on any of the points.   We had 42 entrants.   One was late and therefore not included.   We decided to hold a separate Young Peoples heat to celebrate the Year of Young People and have 6 competitors for this category.   We chose the remaining 24 based on nationality, their application and suitability.   We have a great spread of nationalities, from Australia to Canada and plenty in between!   Our newly appointed PR person was present and gave us some good input.   All other plans are progressing well apart from the food marker, for which we need a Market Operators Licence at a cost.   The food market is currently discussing whether their members are happy to pay this fee.

Report given by Michelle Green by email.

Struan House Hotel:  Murray Ferguson, National Park has informed the CC that the Housing Association is still interested he thinks but will clarify.  Andrew Kirk informed the meeting that James Ross, Aspen House and Louise Cormack, Crannich House are willing to sell their properties and land (both being attached to Struan House Hotel).

Bursary:  Progressing, Charles Miller has prepared a flow chart showing CC involvement in the bursary process.

Pot Holes:  David Ritchie has filled the pot holes on the track to the Cemetery but he states that Tarmacadam is required at the end of the road, he will attend to this. He was thanked for this.

Data Protection and Christmas List:  Charles Miller reported that all replies were back and the Christmas Letter for the invitation to the Christmas Lunch will have an added sentence giving new invitees the option to agree or not to agree to hold their names and addresses.

Tom-Na-Clach:  On Saturday 30th June a Haulier is doing a dummy run from Inverness to the site.   The Haulier will leave Inverness and then travel down to the A95 and through Dulnain Bridge.   There will be no turbine but the wagon will be the same length.

Treasurer’s Report:  Charles Miller reported there is £3,655.69 in the bank with £336.00 coming in and around £3,200 going out to Carr-Bridge ahead for Play Park which was incorrectly banked in CC.

Planning:  Development Plan Submissions progressing by CNPA.


Duck Race:  George Dyer handed out tickets to go on sale, he was pleased to announce that he has 7 volunteers for going in the water, but help is required to put the ducks in 500 bundles, he will e-mail round to pick a date and time

Community Partnership:  This this includes Council, Police, NHS , Fire and Care Services.   Fiona Angella will attend and give a report next month.

HC Worker Award:  It was decided not to nominate anyone this year which was not a reflection on employees- they were all doing their best.

Street Lights:  Alice Buttress reported that a member of the public asked why the street lights are not turned off earlier.  Bill Lobban stated that LED lights are cheap to run.

Alice Buttress also mentioned that there will be another Asbestos examination on Tuesday, 2nd June 2018.

Wi-Fi:  The question arose regarding the monthly payment of Wi-Fi in the Village Hall.   It was left to Heather Davidson to find out when the contract was up.   Bill Lobban suggested getting in contact with David Carrott of Nethybridge Village Hall as to how they deal with Wi-Fi costs.

Chairs:  David Ritchie had amassed an amount of chairs that he thought the Village Hall may be able to use, he will drop one off for a decision to be made.

Charles Miller added that the Wind Farm will be issuing some funds to the village in the next few years and it is time to think how best to use this money for the benefit of all.

Andrew Kirk raised the question of the extra bin – a blue one – at the car park.  Bill Lobban will chase this up.

Lorraine Anderson enquired about a sound barrier when the A9 is fully completed on the Carrbridge stretch, she was advised to  attend an A9 meeting when it is next held by Transport Scotland and bring this up..   Charles Miller asked where the new lane is going; on the village side was the answer.

Meeting closed at 8.28p.m. Date of next meeting Thursday 26th July 2018