Thursday 29th MARCH 2018 at 7.30p.m.

Present: Andrew Kirk (Chairman), Alice Buttress, Robert McInnes, Charles Miller, George Dyer, David Ritchie, Kate Adamson, Bill Lobban (Councillor).

In attendance: Denise Stott, Jacqueline Rice, Douglas Stewart, Martin O’Reilly, Michelle Green, Lorraine Anderson, Mary Grant and Heather Davidson (Minutes).

Apologies: Alan Rankin

MINUTES: Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday, 25th January 2018 were approved by Robert McInnes and seconded by Alice Buttress.

“NB: An omission occurred on the February 2018 minutes regarding the NMU. Charles Miller raised the point that a self formed group did not follow due process and should have been notified at council meeting before proceeding”.

MATTERS ARISING: Tenders for the play park have been sent out and three of the six have been returned. John McLean is taking forward the progression of the drainage holes.

SPEEDING: Bill Lobban explained that before the end of the session an approach to the Scottish Government will be made to install 20mph speed limits throughout villages. This will be at no cost to HC if the Communities agree with the proposal. A general discussion round the room ensued and it was decided that a public meeting would be held to see if the local community would be in favour of this.

WEB DOMAIN NAME: Alan Rankin who was unavailable to report on this but George Dyer stated there had been a slight delay but the report would be ready next week.

A9 DUALLING AND CYCLE ROUTE: Andrew Kirk attended an informal group meeting regarding the Kinveachy route and the connections to Aviemore and Boat of Garten. There were 234 responses which were greatly in favour of the NMU and its connectivity. A meeting will be held with Sustrans and the results will be announced soon.

TREE FELLING: The Forestry Commission has stated that the tree felling may or may not be illegal. It is not known who owns the land. Douglas Stewart remarked that this land was not on the plan for development. Charles Miller added that it is alternative building land.

WORLD PORRIDGE MAKING COMPETITION: Michelle Green gave a full report on the progress of the event. On the Friday night there will be a demonstration of porridge making during the meet and greet, this event is being sponsored by Landmark. The judges and the MC are appointed, the plan is to have a marquee to house Inverness Producers to have their stalls and produce for sale. An overflow marquee will be erected with a TV, speakers and a bar. Audio Visual of Inverness will take care of all the audio needs. Ebhal Band will be playing in the evening in the Cairn Hotel. HC have donated to the event and Hamlyn’s are sponsoring the event as usual.

STRUAN HOUSE HOTEL: Robert McInnes reported that due a report from a resident that the rendering was falling off Highland Council’s John Docherty went to inspect the building. He decided that the owners be contacted, he even thought about putting up fences, but this was done before and they kept falling down, narrowly missing a passing car. He will keep his eye on this. Denise Stott asked about compulsory purchase, Andrew Kirk explained that this was not an option. Bill Lobban stated this was an expensive site; Andrew Kirk stated that HC would do the maintenance and charge the owners for it. Denise Stott then went on to ask if it could be sold to the community, but Bill Lobban added that you cannot force the owners to sell. Denise Stott then asked about insurance, Bill Lobban added that he thought this was highly unlikely. Kate Adamson stated that this has been going on for years and we are no further forward.

TREASURERS REPORT: Alan Rankin, Treasurer, was stuck on an island and his report will be inserted at a later date.

PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Plans that have been lodged were Balnastrad, Slochd Viaduct Repair (Railway). The Reporter visited a site regarding a construction without planning permission which has had to stop.

NEW ITEMS: Kate Adamson reported that she attended a meeting last Wednesday at the Association of Cairngorm Communities. Some of the points discussed were the achievement over the past 5 years, the new forest strategy re deer management, Nature Finance and Business, Project Heritage Destination. There is an Junior Europark Conference in September discussing relevance of young people in National Parks. It is useful for accommodation providers to know that there will be a large number of visitors around at that time – more information can be found on the CNPA web-site. She went on to ask if someone else would like to attend.

HC gave Community Council £500.00 and Andrew Kirk informed the meeting that the picnic bench which has been discussed in the past has now been ordered. It comes flat packed and will have to be made up; it is made of recycled plastic so no maintenance required.


1. Charles Miller would like an update on the Carrbridge Bursary; George Dyer replied that there is another application due.

2. George Dyer reported that there is a requirement by HC to split Carrbridge Ahead and the Community Council. Charles Miller will be the new Treasurer for the Community Council and George Dyer for Carrbridge Ahead.

3. Robert McInnes reported that the War Memorial has been tidied up and the graveyard also. He went on to say that the pot holes on the road to the graveyard need filling in; Bill Lobban will take this matter forward.

4. The picnic bench in the Car Park needs attention and Andrew Kirk is looking for an enthusiast to paint it.

5. Bill Lobban on the subject of recycling bins has asked for 2 bins, (to be added to the bins at the car park) but expects 1, ½ recycle and ½ ordinary waste.

6. The Primary School is planning a cascade of poppies and would like the Community Council to support them.

7. Martin O’Reilly mentioned the pine martins, Andrew Kirk suggested that he join the National Park Community Group, this is the best place to discuss such matters.

8. Andrew Kirk asked for any suggestions for a Book/Keeper/Treasurer for Carrbridge Ahead.

The meeting closed at 8.17p.m. Next Meeting Thursday 26th April 2018